Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red or Gray etsy artist/shopkeeper interview (5)

An etsy artist/shopkeeper interview with Elaine Kean, owner of the beautiful shop Red or Gray
*  Elaine is giving away a beautiful mobile from her shop! So please leave a comment and I will draw a name on Tuesday, Jan 24th
kt: I first found Elaine from her wonderful blog where I knew her as ELK.  I will let her introduce herself.

Elaine: Elaine, My name is Elaine, but I began my photo blog in 2008 using my initials ELK and it stuck!   I am a redhead with a touch of gray which evolved into the name of my blog and eventually into my shop. I live in north Texas in an old home under the oaks and overlooking a wild garden.

kt: What made you open an etsy shop?

Elaine: I found with my daughters growing older I had a bit more time to listen and answer my creative voice. As I made various pieces it was a joy to give them away but also offer my pieces in a supportive and creative community as Etsy. I love the handmade movement and all it represents!

kt: What do you like about having your own on-line shop?

Elaine: I enjoy photographing the pieces for the listing, communicating with other artists and customers, it is so flexible and  a wonderful fit time wise for my life, as I am a music teacher as well.


kt:  How would you describe your style (vibe)

Elaine: I strive to create art that feels and looks gentle, contemporary, simple and natural .

kt: What symbol or image reappears in your work a lot?
Elaine: Well I guess it would be the simple bird shape that has become a signature piece for me.  It is still special to hand cut them out of all kinds of paper 

kt:  Can you share with us your favorite materials to use when creating?
Elaine: I have so relished working with stones lately, the smoothness along with the weight in the palm of my hand is so soothing,  choosing bits of paper or twine to add to them makes each one unique.

 This Beautiful item is up for grabs...just leave a comment! Drawing will be on Tuesday Jan 24th. 

Kt: Where you can find more of Elaine;
ETSY: Red or Gray Art
BLOG: Red or Gray 
FACEBOOK:Red or Gray Art


Leslie said...

What a lovely interview with a talented and giving artist. It was a pleasure reading it.

S. Etole said...

She's been an encouragement from the beginning. Her creative spirit is so gentle.

dina said...

I've seen "ELK" before and I wondered what it meant. Now I know. Her art is simply lovely.

Tracy said...

Wonderful interview with such a beautiful spirit... I've have had the happiness of knowing Elk a while through blogging. Here spirit and work inspire me so much. She has such a gentle, loving way, and it shows in all she does from photos, her shop creations and her elegant blog. It is a privilege & blessing to know her. :o)

suzanne said...

she is such a lovely voice and artist out there...a dear one. great interview

andrea creates said...

nice interview~ it's so fun to discover new shops/blogs!

ELK said...

An honor and a blessing to be here .. Many thanks Katy

Yvonne said...

thank you for doing this. i've always wondered about the artist.

Sonya Kanelstrand said...

I love Elaine's amazing art and I have enjoyed her photography immensely.

Oliag said...

the more I know about elk the more I adore her and her creativity.

spread your wings said...

Wonderful interview from a special friend . I love Elaine 's simple style - speaks of peace

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed this and the giveaway :0( I love those stones, so smooth and tactile. Going to have a look at ELK now. x