Thursday, October 11, 2012

october's vision board

Yes there are strong, strong notes of fall in this month's vision board. I can't help but be pulled into what is taking place outside. This last year and a half we have not owned a car so I walk and bike everywhere which has meant quieter moments and a connection with my outside world, a big connection for which I am thankful.

My SISTERS both in family and in friends how important and beautiful these bonds are to me. They are much like the warmth and strength I associate with old quilts. A letter from vincent van gogh written to his brother sister brought this postcard back for me recently from her trip to holland "I loved how much they supported each other" she said to me. 

Crisp and fragrant apples, mothers and their children, all those joyous seasons coming up 

 Home, bright colors of squash and their funny shapes, whimsy I must add whimsy to my month, the walls in a home telling a story "come and take a closer look, touch things and discover" they call out. I want my walls to tell stories too.
  An artist in residence, maybe I should put this on a little sign on my front door, a reminder to myself everytime I enter my home that yes I am an artist in residence. My card mixed in with others because I want to be a part of this abundant harvest!

Vision board is up! I have been taking my old vision board findings and putting them into my vision book at the end of each month (vision book opened below on my little night stand)

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Anonymous said...

i love the book idea to save your beautiful vision collections. what a treasury of who you are/were in that moment, that month. your vision boards are always so inspiring, katy. miss you tons! xo